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Curmudgeonisms Blog - Put some sunshine in your life!            On the Obama Nation, Curmedgeonism says:

"Oh, and have I thanked you demo-socialist libtards who voted for him lately?
If not, I apologize. I really do.

Thank you. From the bottom of my wallet.

Update: Now ubama's talking about one of the ideas he's had for his socialized medicine plan. Community Clinics. That's right. Instead of people going to the ER for their 'free' health care, they'll be going to some shiny new (for a day or two) and centrally located (inner city) - most likely union built (JOBS!!!) - center where you'll wait briefly (yeah, right) in one of the comfortable (steel benched), well lit (with crack pipe lighters) lobbies (or outside in the heat or rain) for your concerned, caring (flat fee) physician and his staff (or lack thereof) to tend to your illness.


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