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  • Thu, 11:41: Sweetie there are 300 MILLION guns in USA. Texas has very strict CHL issue policy. Progressives a bigger threat
  • Thu, 11:53: Fed's can't find & apprehend 10 million illegals. 300+ million guns owned by 🇺🇸civilians. What's your plan again?
  • Thu, 11:54: RT @Kaagesen: Here comes Obama using this whole situation to make people think that guns are the problem. We have a dumbass running our cou…
  • Thu, 11:55: RT @VARNER6SR: Disappointed in Obama quickly trying to blame guns & our right to have them.Another criminal with a gun did this, not a law …
  • Thu, 11:55: RT @goptraci: @TwitchyTeam Obama is right. Stoning women, throwing gays off buildings & use of chemical weapons are much more preferred met…
  • Thu, 11:57: RT @MyDplace: This goes on daily president Obama but you never say anything about this.But now you have a white crazy to get guns. https://…
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