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  • Thu, 15:57: Shooting happened in GUN FREE ZONE. Arm responsible citizens. Can't seize 300 million guns. See illegals 4 details
  • Thu, 16:05: GUN FREE ZONES KILL. Ban GFZs & vote out #p2 politicians who disarm law abiding citizens while creating Gun Free Zones #liberallogic
  • Thu, 16:10: Campus Security NOT armed at Umpqua Community College in Roseburg, Oregon 🚫 100% GUN FREE ZONE. Gun Free Zones KILL
  • Thu, 16:37: @piersmorgan Shooting in GUN FREE ZONE. Government can't round up 11 million illegal aliens but you propose seizing 300 million 🇺🇸 guns???
  • Thu, 16:40: RT @michellemalkin: There needs to be a mandatory waiting period imposed on anti-gun extremists commenting on breaking news crime incidents…
  • Thu, 16:44: RT @MolonLabe1776us: Chicago has the strictest gun laws in the US. How's that working out for Chicago, Piers? Care to answer? ... @piersmor
  • Thu, 16:44: RT @MolonLabe1776us: Do you think if we ban guns in the US, that criminals will follow the law to? @piersmorgan
  • Thu, 16:45: RT @ciaobellaxoxo89: Bet you if a good guy was strapped in your "gun free zone" the shooter wouldn't have killed over 10 ppl. #yeahisaidit
  • Thu, 16:45: RT @CeeJayCraig: Stop trying to use the #UCCShooting as a "gun control" platform when it happened in a "gun free zone."
  • Thu, 16:46: RT @benfergusonshow: Yet AGAIN another #gunfreezone DIDNT WORK! So sad that's no one could defend these students just trying to better them…
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