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  • Wed, 21:32: RT @slone: The expulsion of Iranian diplomats & military trainees from US was 1 element of 4-part program announced by Carter
  • Wed, 21:32: RT @BradleeDean1: Jimmy Carter Basically Did What Trump is Espousing about Muslims – Don’t Remember Liberals Up in...
  • Wed, 21:34: Should pick up at least one more point in the polls as a result👍
  • Wed, 21:40: RT @slone: NOT EVERYTHING OFFENSIVE IS UNCONSTITUTIONAL: Trump's Muslim ban? Here's verdict: SCOTUS already weighed in on issue https://t.c…
  • Wed, 22:05: SCOTUS has repeatedly denied challenges to immigration statutes & executive actions on grounds that they discriminate. NOT Unconstitutional
  • Wed, 22:19: U can argue that banning Muslims from immigrating to 🇺🇸 is not good policy But it's NOT unconstitutional/illegal. C plenary power doctrine
  • Wed, 22:25: Under the Plenary Power Doctrine, the United States has the power to make immigration policy free from judicial review. Upheld by SCOTUS
  • Wed, 22:33: BTW #p2 geniuses, you should know US Bill of Rights does not apply to foreign nationals outside of the US & its territories. C 2A 4 details
  • Wed, 22:46: Whether you like it or not Immigration law & directives can exclude any foreign national 4 any reason, NOT subject to Judicial Review #fact
  • Wed, 22:49: RT @TrumpCircuit: BREAKING: 2/3 of GOP voters support #trump's #muslimban. How are the libs/RINOs going to respond now? #Trump2016 https:…
  • Wed, 22:52: And yet so called "experts" called it illegal during bias MSM coverage. That's called progressive propaganda
  • Wed, 22:56: Only thing that matters is what majority of American voters want. SCOTUS ruled immigration ban 4 any reason is legal
  • Wed, 23:05: Or it's "unconstitutional" 4 immigration law to ban a foreign national for any reason. Bill of Rights doesn't apply
  • Wed, 23:08: That's why we have elections. Voters will decide. Prepare to be surprised. And you can thank Obama 4 the backlash
  • Wed, 23:12: More proof Rubio is not smart enough to be POTUS. Immigration law can legally ban anybody for any reason #SCOTUS
  • Wed, 23:19: PC has so infected the Republic that even the GOP has lost its way when it comes to the absolute power of government to control its borders
  • Wed, 23:28: Liberal fascist journalists like Kathleen Parker are most dangerous people in 🇺🇸 but they have a Constitutional right to spew propaganda
  • Wed, 23:31: Radical Muslims intent on killing NONBELIEVERS are the most dangerous people outside USA & they DON'T have a Constitutional right for entry
  • Wed, 23:42: Philadelphia Mayor Michael Nutter is worse than an asshole. He's a liberal fascist who we can can shut up by voting for either Trump or Cruz
  • Thu, 07:37: #p2 read the Constitution. Labeling voters "racist" doesn't disqualify their votes. Racists have rights 2. See many Obama voters 4 details
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