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Uncle Sam & Strip Clubs are HIRING
Hot Chic
The nation will take roll call in 2010 and the federal government is giving the states money to hire thousands of census workers.  Some jobs pay as much as $28.75 an hour.  Census officials point out that an accurate count of U.S. citizens helps the government figure out how much funding to give each state for federally sponsored programs.

Business is so good at the Foxy Lady in Providence, Rhode Island, that owners need to hire 25 to 30 more people. And not just dancers.  Club co-owner Tom Tsoumas said he also needs managers, waitresses and other behind-the-scenes workers.  Rhode Island's unemployment rate is 10.3 percent, which is the third highest in the country behind Michigan and South Carolina.

The naval facility in China Lake, California, is hiring people with experience in engineering, physics, chemistry and other sciences.  Employees will work with explosives and other weapons systems. 

"Let's say you're fresh out of college -- the average salary is somewhere around $50,000 a year," division commander Capt. Mark Storch told KABC of Los Angeles. "Very experienced people that might be looking for a job, too, we need them as well, and those jobs would be more like $100,000. 

The Navy is also hiring machinists and clerical workers.

"We're looking to bring on about a thousand people here," said Scott O'Neil, executive director of the Naval Air Warfare Center Weapons Division.


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