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T-Mobile launched the Unlimited Loyalty plan nationwide this month!.  Customers who have been with T-Mobile for more than 22 months and always paid on time the bill are being offered the new plan when they log in to their T-Mobile accounts. The plan is providing unlimited minutes on an individual line for $49.99 per month and unlimited minutes on a two line Family plan for $89.99/month.  Subscribers can switch to this plan without extending their current contract.

Additional lines, maximun 3, can also be added to the Family plan for $39.99 each. Add-on features such as unlimited data ($24.99), unlimited BlackBerry data ($34.99) and unlimited messaging ($9.99) can be added to each line on an a la carte basis.

As an added bonus, customers who add a line and port in a new customer from a competitor will receive a $135 credit on their bill.  Now T-Mobile is better than their 3 larger competitors,  AT&T, Verizon and Sprint. Those three have been offering deals like unlimited voice for $99.99 a month . Bonzer has been with T-mobile since 2003. 

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