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The Thin Blue Line #BlueLivesMatter

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  • Sun, 12:12: Muslim terrorist Omar Mateen called 911 immediately before Orlando shooting & pledged his allegiance to ISIS. Ban radical Islam not Guns #p2
  • Sun, 12:20: RT @ProgsToday: The SAME PEOPLE who blamed the Confederate flag for #AMEChurch shooting REFUSE to hold Islam accountable for the #OrlandoNi
  • Sun, 12:23: No, we need less Muslims. The Quran calls for the slaying of Infidel non-believers. Allah is the problem #LGBTQ #p2 https://t.co/T3MgdbY1TF
  • Sun, 12:44: Unless you're being shot at by #LGBTQ hating Muslims, then you would welcome "good guys" like me holding guns🙄 https://t.co/o3ptoQG936
  • Sun, 12:54: These "active shooter" or bombing terrorist attacks are NOT about guns. ALL OF THESE MUSLIM ATTACKS ARE ABOUT KILLING INFIDELS #p2 #LGBTQ
  • Sun, 13:04: @EstebFranco good for you Frank. Perhaps you could tell them that Islam directs the killing of all Infidels & #LGBTQ Muslims are targeted
  • Sun, 13:27: G4S is a security provider for the United States government, fortune 500 companies, nuclear power plants, airports, ports, banks, hospitals🤔
  • Sun, 13:28: RT @WeylayEd: The guy in Orlando worked for G4s security company. No gun laws would have stopped him from having a gun.
  • Sun, 13:28: RT @PoliticalShort: The Orlando ISIS jihadist worked for G4S security. G4S security is currently contracted by DHS to transport illegals ht…
  • Sun, 13:29: RT @OmarVillafranca: Statement from G4S, security company that employed #OrlandoShooting suspect Omar Mateen https://t.co/9BnigdmyZK