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The Thin Blue Line #BlueLivesMatter

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  • Sun, 21:47: RT @CameronDecades: I've been diverted to Chicago. JFK Airport shooting reports of shots being fired in Terminal 8 | Daily Mail Online http…
  • Mon, 00:20: 🇺🇸 privatized #p2 Democratic Party #propaganda via @CNN @MSNBC & virtually all MSM. As long as we consume these products, it will continue
  • Mon, 00:22: RT @Capt_ST: #MSM #Propaganda So How Bad is Media (and Social Media) Bias in This Election? | Liberty Blitzkrieg https://t.co/gr2iv7cPHr
  • Mon, 00:28: A MSM propaganda story a day, keeps the Trump vote away. Liberal fascism is real. MSM is more dangerous than ISIS https://t.co/hbrPJp0cRc
  • Mon, 06:48: media in the midst of the most one-sided reporting and analysis ever seen in a 🇺🇸 presidential campaign, shameful #p2 #propaganda
  • Mon, 06:55: Hillary claims 3rd Obama term, continue #p2 success, <5% unemployment so where will labor pool for hundreds of thousands of new jobs come🤔
  • Mon, 07:04: You mean the uppity, gay, Buddhist, #p2 liberal fascist lunatic fringe. Badly bearded just a start https://t.co/s82dvmiP51
  • Mon, 07:15: Don't watch, read, listen, promote, retweet or credit ANY main stream media propaganda. MSM is a business 🚫 💰 is the only way to stop them
  • Mon, 07:24: Democrats win elections by less than 2% points and then claim 90% supported them, the other 10% lunatic fringe #GoFigure 🤔
  • Mon, 07:30: RT @Stevenwhirsch99: Bodycam Shows Black Milwaukee Officer Shot Suspect, Sylville Smith, Who Was Raising Gun https://t.co/gELDNyOzEv