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  • Tue, 20:47: RT @Peoples_Pundit: This is true. We @PPDNews had a source tell us this, we know who it is. It wasn't 100% confirmed at the time. https://…
  • Tue, 23:14: RT @RealVinnieJames: The Arizona Republic must not have seen this clip before endorsing HRC. Fortunately, the majority of voters have.-VJ h…
  • Wed, 05:28: RT @WordSmithGuy: Syria is on fire 🔥. ISIS is chopping off heads. We are $20 Trillion in Debt. And the News Media wants to talk about Miss…
  • Wed, 11:22: RT @Harlan: I don't have a problem w/ moderators being tough, but @LesterHoltNBC gave Hillary a total pass and attacked Trump from the star…
  • Wed, 11:23: RT @madisongesiotto: For the record: I competed in @MissUSA & @realDonaldTrump treated me w/ nothing but the upmost support &respect, both…
  • Wed, 11:23: RT @FoxNews: .@realDonaldTrump: “The single weapon that [@HillaryClinton] has is the media. Without the mainstream media she wouldn’t even…
  • Wed, 11:41: Harry F'n Reid❗️97-1 veto override Obama bitch slap down. Reid sold soul to devil in 2010. 100+ trips to Las Vegas prior, I never returned
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