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The Thin Blue Line #BlueLivesMatter

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  • Mon, 08:04: $152 Trillion worldwide debt will increase under Hillary the C, causing a 🌎 financial collapse where only cucks like @mcuban are unscathed
  • Mon, 08:05: RT @_Makada_: "This is our last chance to save the country and reclaim it for we, the people" - Donald Trump in Charlotte, NC
  • Mon, 09:39: RT @skygambrini: @BBCWorld @priyankachopra If Brexit wasn't a clue, this is how the majority of us feel #Libtards. Deal with it.
  • Mon, 10:08: Tyson Gay daughter innocent victim of black on black gun violence, caught in gang bangers crossfire. Blacks killing blacks not 👮 the problem
  • Mon, 10:30: Boycott and call out corporate cucks like @NFL @NBA that support the ugly Marxist hateful subversive #BlackLivesMatter narrative #BLM #hate