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Q1) What is

It is a simple tool to post text online, with minimum fuss. No sign ups, no sign in, just instant web presence for your information.

Q2) How long will my shortText url remain active?

Free urls will remain active as long as it is visited at least once a year by anyone, after which we may purge the URL for others to use it.
Paid custom urls will remain active as long as it is renewed once a year.

Q3) How do I make a post private?

Just click on the "Make it private" check box on the left bottom of the page before clicking on "Create url".

Q4) Can I edit the information once posted?

Editing the post is not possible without getting a custom url. Just create a new URL in case you made a mistake.

Q5) How can I make my post unsearchable without using a passkey?

Check the "Make it private" option and leave the key blank before creating a url.

Q6) How much does it cost to get a custom url?

You can create your own url for only $2 (USD) per year subject to availabilty.

Q7) Is there a way to pay for this other than Paypal?

For now, Paypal is the only monetary gateway available.

Q8) What other benefits are there to get a custom url?

No ads on the custom url and the ability to edit the post.

Q9) Is there a firefox extension to utilize this tool?


Q10) Sounds like a neat idea. Can you give me scenarios where I can use

  • Instant blogging.
  • Throwing a party? Post the details here and share the url with your friends (remember to make the post private).
  • Want to provide more information about yourself or your company in forums/email/visiting cards/banners? shortText it and put a link.
  • People always bug you for directions to your office or home? shortText it and just provide the link to whoever needs it (make it private).
  • Instant message has a size limit? Quickly shortText it and IM the url.
  • Emails getting filtered out at work? shortText the content of the email and just send the url.
  • Store hard-to-remember information online.
  • Publish code, research work, ideas, rants and raves; quickly.
  • shortText anything which you find yourself typing again and again.
  • shortText short lived webpage content which you would have to save locally otherwise. Find it later by searching for relevant keywords.
  • Don't have a website? Create your own shortText url to promote your product or provide promotion details.

If you can think of other good uses email us and we will put it here

Q11) Why can't I post in a rich text format? Will you include this feature anytime soon?

This feature could be included sometime in the near future if there is demand but the primary focus and user interface will always be for simple text postings.

Q12) HELP! I posted something confidential which I meant to be private. What can I do to remove it from the site?

As of now there is no automated way to do this. The best thing to do is to contact us. Remember that it could be hours before your request is honored, so it's best to be very careful when posting any confidential information.
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