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How to be a better tweeter

The Sweet RetweetReTweeting is an outstanding way to improve your standing on Twitter. To retweet, the accepted practice is to copy the original text into your own Twitter post and prefix it with "RT" or "Retweet" and the originator's name. For example: "RT @BonzerWolf

No one cares about your dinner:  Look, it's nothing personal and believe it or not, I really care what you say, but I couldn't care less about what you had for dinner last night or how delicious your chicken salad sandwich is. I'd much rather see it filled with retweets and other interesting tidbits of information that the vast majority of users actually care about.

Find interesting stuff and post:  Go out and find neat articles and post them in your Twitter stream for others to enjoy. Maybe they'll retweet your update and you will be exposed to a slew of new people who want to know all about you.

Use hashtags:  Have something interesting to say on a topic that's hot on Twitter right now? Make sure you use hashtags -- keywords preceded by the hash sign, "#". Over the past few months, hashtags have become a great way for other users to find content quickly.

Hashtags basically create groupings on Twitter that combine content of the same topic. It sounds simple, but whenever you have something really interesting to say about a topic that's hot on Twitter or Twitter Search, it doesn't hurt to place a hashtag after your tweet. It helps others find your update that aren't following you and exposes you to new people who might like what you have to say.

It's more than text:  Have you ever taken pictures and uploaded them to a service like Twitpic so you could post it in your Twitter stream? If you haven't, your followers are missing out.  Sending pictures is a great way to add more value to Twitter and make you a better Tweeter. Let's face it: who really wants to look at text all day? Your followers might actually like pictures better than your regular updates.

How to be a better tweeter tips courtesy of Don Reisinger is a technology columnist who has written about everything from HDTVs to computers to Flowbee Haircut Systems. Don is a member of the CNET Blog Network, and posts at The Digital Home.

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