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It Usually Begins With Ayn Rand / Isabel Paterson - Reason Magazine

For the uninitiated, Atlas explores a future world in which the nation’s economy is collapsing because of government interference. The theme developed out of Rand’s own era: she started planning her novel in 1943, in the midst of Franklin Roosevelt’s New Deal. But it’s no wonder that it seems relevant today. New Deal activism, which was principally responsible for prolonging the Great Depression, guides our current economic stimulators.

The Economist recently reported that Ayn Rand’s novel Atlas Shrugged, first published in 1957, is back on the bestseller lists. A week before the president’s inauguration, more people were buying it than Obama’s Audacity of Hope

Writing in The American  Conservative, Stephen Cox praises Isabel Paterson, one the three women largely responsible for what we call libertarian thought, and the lady whom literary critic Edmund Wilson once derided as "the last surviving person to believe in [the] quaint old notions on which the republic was founded."

The fundamental problem, Paterson proposed, is confusion of the economy with politics. In 1932, when Hoover was still in office, she said that "our ‘best minds' ... have already got the political machinery dangerously entangled with the economic system, disrupting both; and they are now demanding that the government should save them from what they've done to it."

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