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The Sneaky Back Door to Single Payer Health Care - Reason Magazine

As part of his health care reform package, President Barack Obama wants to offer a low-cost government health insurance policy modeled on Medicare to compete with private health insurance policies. The government policy will be low cost, in large part, because agency bureaucrats will be able to impose price controls on hospitals, doctors, and drug companies. But not to worry says, Obama as he repeats his soothing mantra:

"Under the Obama health care plan, you will be able to keep your doctor and your health insurance if you want."

Not really so, says former Food and Drug Administration official and American Enterprise Institute fellow, Dr. Scott Gottlieb, in a smart Wall Street Journal op/ed yesterday. Gottlieb points out:

While the public option is meant for the uninsured, employers will realize it's easier -- and cheaper -- to move employees into the government plan than continue workplace coverage.

Hit & Run > The Sneaky Back Door to Single Payer Health Care - Reason Magazine

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