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More ICE Follies reported by Debbie Schlussel

National conservative blogger and patriotic American Debbie Schlussel throws the bullshit flag on ICE once again. The Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) resident agent in charge of Grand Rapids, Michigan is pimping for his boss, in an attempt to endear him to the ObamaNation.  Read Debbie's excellent blog entry concerning more ICE follies here:

"Torture Doesn't Work" An ICE Agent Who Needs to Shut Up & Work; Abu Moskowitz's Tool

I feel the same about ICE now as when I worked there for over 5 years:

ICE continues to be the laughing stock of federal, state and local law enforcement. FPS will be leaving ICE soon. The Air Marshals and Air & Marine Branch are long gone.

Once FPS leaves in 2010, former legacy Custom's agents will stand alone with the former INS employees at ICE. IMHO CBP will form their own Office of Investigations and ICE will officially become Immigration and Criminal Enforcement. Most ICE employees are involved in the civil apprehension, detention and removal of illegal aliens. Contrary to ICE propaganda, ICE conducts very few criminal investigations. 

The Customs investigations that ICE conducts will be transferred to CBP. ICE will investigate the few criminal violations that were assigned to INS agents prior to the merger in 2003.

Before the current ObamaNation term ends, CBP will be the former US Customs Service and ICE will be the former Immigration and Naturalization Service (INS). In practice this is already happening. It is just a matter of time before Congress makes this official.

This has been the plan since DHS was established in 2003. Immigration Enforcement has been and will always be the red headed step child of federal law enforcement because of POLITICS. This has always been the case under both Democrat and Republican Administrations. Some things never change. This includes Amnesty in 2010, which is a repeat of Amnesty in 1986.

Neither political party will do anything, including effective immigration enforcement, to alienate the Hispanic voters or piss off the Republican business establishment and the Democrat bleeding heart socialists
, who make up the unholy "open borders" lobby.
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