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Susan Boyle - Final - Britains Got Talent 2009 (HQ)

Susan Boyle lost Britain's Got Talent to the ten-person dance crew Diversity. "Lads, I wish you all the best," said Boyle graciously. It was a stunning loss. Boyle took second place in the voting.

Boyle chose to sing again the song that first brought her fame, "I Dreamed a Dream." Dressed in a blue gown and saying that this performance represented "forty years of doin,'" the Scottish sensation gave this final performance:


She rose to sudden fame as an unassuming Everyman, but last night Susan Boyle’s life took a distinctly celebrity turn after a spat at a hotel ended in police intervention.

The Britain’s Got Talent singing sensation reportedly swore at a journalist in front of guests in the lobby of the Wembley Plaza Hotel in North London, prompting police to intervene.

The 48-year-old Scot, who is the favourite to win the talent show final on Saturday, reportedly yelled: "How f**king dare you! You can't f**king talk to me like that."

According to The Sun, police stationed at the hotel approached Boyle and after one asked if there was a problem, she shouted, "Of course there's a f**king problem." 

“A journalist from a tabloid paper provoked her, the police just happened to be at the hotel and escorted said journalist out after making sure Susan was OK.”

Boyle, who was later seen crying outside the hotel, has faced a barrage of criticism recently despite being hailed a hero following her first performance on the ITV talent show seven weeks ago.

Chart favourite Lily Allen posted on her Twitter mini-blog that Boyle was “overrated”, while X Factor judge and Westlife manager Louis Walsh said she was “not a great singer”.

The singer has also been nicknamed 'The Hairy Angel' and mocked on the American TV show South Park.

Britain's Got Talent judge Piers Morgan today called for people to back off Boyle, saying she had been in "floods of tears" this week as she tried to cope with her newfound fame.

In an interview with radio station LBC 97.3, he said Boyle was "an incredibly sweet, nice, gentle person who has been propelled through this show.

"Suddenly, a month later, she's the biggest star on the planet and I don't say that lightly.

"Anybody who has gone through that incredible transformation is going to be feeling the most unbelievable pressure, not least of which because the final is on Saturday and she knows that everything may rest on that one performance and you could see the nerves almost crippling her on the semi-final show and I just think it's time that everyone slightly backed off."

Despite the criticism, Boyle, who followed her now famous I Dreamed a Dream performance with a rendition of Memory for last weekend’s semi-final, retains a huge following.

Bookmakers put her as the favourite to win the show, while Hollywood star Demi Moore was so enamoured she is flew  to London to watch Boyle perform in Saturday’s final.\\

It all started here:

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