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Some GM retirees to lose VIAGRA benefits

A UAW trust is taking over GM’s retiree healthcare costs, removing those obligations from the company’s books. In return, the trust gets 17.5 percent of the new GM and an opportunity to buy another 2.5 percent later at a discounted price.

Among other things, the new UAW deal cuts off coverage for retirees’ erectile dysfunction drugs, except for certain cases involving high blood pressure.

Yes, my friends, only those GM retiree's with high blood pressure will get free viagra now! This is just one of the many, many reasons GM should be called GREEDY MOTORS. I have no empathy for any of the union workers who killed this company. There are hundreds of other benefits, many, which are still on the books, that killed the goose that layed the golden eggs for GM employees and the UAW. There is not a corporation or company in the world where employees worked less and received more benefits than at GM. 

Zip car, which has 300,000 members and shares ownership of cars does not own one GM car. Zip car has 26 vehicle models in their fleet, including FORD. Today on CNBC, the CEO said that in the six year history of the company, not ONE request for a GM model had been made by a single member.  

Yet, the ObamaNation is giving GM $50 billion of our taxpayers dollars. We will not get one penny back from the "new" GM. Government Motors is DEAD ON ARRIVAL. 

I will never spend another penny on any GM product. The last time I bought a GM car was in 1976, when I purchased a Pontiac Firebird!  Millions of other American car buyers have done the same, leaving GM behind. GM has been in denial for the last decade. GM employed the most greedy union workers on the planet who produced shitty products.

GM was competitive in their truck and suv product lines over the past decade.  But now that Chairman Obama is running GM, trucks are out and the VOLT is in. Good luck with all that GM!   Sasha and Malia may drive a Volt. They will eligible for employee pricing!  How many others will shell out $40,000 for this bucket of volts?

The taxpayers are paying off  the union workers for $50 billion dollars so they will vote the straight DEMOCRAT ticket in the next election.  BO is running for election in 2012 and he is using taxpayer money to finance his campaign.

The ObamaNation wants to continue the fiscal and moral destruction of what was the greatest nation on earth.  The free market economy is going to be brutally murdered by Obama if the voters don't come to their senses. The ObamaNation continuation of Collective, Statist & Fascist agenda and policies will destroy this country for sure.

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