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Department of Homeland Stupidity

The Department of Homeland Security is a bad joke. First of all, the Department has very little to do with Homeland Security. DHS primary homeland security functions are performing the traditional duties of Customs and Immigration inspection and control. DHS is just another layer of federal bureaucracy that costs the taxpayers billions of additional dollars each year. DHS competes with the FBI and other Justice Department agencies for headlines.

It is my experience as a former federal employee (32 years in criminal investigations) the majority of time, money and resources are spent by agencies competing for turf and headlines. We used to say that the war on drugs was fought between Customs, DEA & the FBI.

DHS gives citizens a false sense of security. Our country is less safe since DHS was formed under the Bush administration. The ObamanNation continues to weaken our national security.

ICE special agents are being discouraged from performing any immigration enforcement. Instead they are joining the war on drugs by being sent on temporary assignments to border locations. Sources report that their duties are to collect per diem while appearing to be busy participating in the war on drugs.

Yes, this is your federal tax dollar at work. 50% of the federal bureaucracy needs to be abolished. This could be accomplished in an orderly manner through attrition and a hiring freeze. But don't look for it to happen in my lifetime. In fact, look for the number of federal employees to continue to sky rocket. Under the ObamaNation, up is down, wrong is right and truth is fiction.

Terrorism expert Debbie Schlussel reveals DHS appointment of jihadist to its advisory board:

Janet Napolitano Appoints Jihadist to Homeland Security Advisory Committee

Read her report here:

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