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BO never takes a day off from destroying America

Mr. Wolf is enjoying his time in Las Vegas while he can. The ObamaNation is going to be much, much worse than I ever imagined last year. My friend TG told me this was going to happen, and I said "no way". Well, WAY.  I am very sorry to say, that at this point there is no light at the end of this tunnel of economic and political disaster. At the least we are facing a lost decade.

Everyday, BO puts another nail in the coffin. Monday it was socialized medicine based on made up statistics and Obama Facts, which, in reality are all lies and distoritions. Today, it's the over haul of the financial regulation's system, which takes us from bad to worse, as does everything that BO touches.

 Enjoy life in America while you can. We are not even close to hitting bottom. Open your eyes. Stop being Obama Sheep. Unemployment, taxes, government spending, trillion dollar deficits, and radical Islamists are all on the rise.  Unfortunately, it appears, we as a nation will have to hit rock bottom before we decide to try and stop this bullet train to fascism and class war far.

I worked for the federal government from 1976-2008.  FEAR this continued and rapid federal expansion and control. Get  your money OUT of the stock market NOW.  Convince the Republican Party that our only hope is returning to the values and constitutionally sound policies advocated by the Libertarian Party.  Seriously, we are a nation in trouble. This is the calm before the storm.

Mr. Wolf is in Las Vegas until June 25. Follow my adventures on Twitter
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