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We Don’t Need Obama’s Big-Bang Health-Care Plan
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Larry Kudlow says it better than I ever could:

"It looks like President Obama’s big-bang health-care reform is going down to defeat. This is good. But my question is why do we need it at all? According to a recent ABC News/USA Today/Kaiser Family Foundation survey, 89 percent of Americans are satisfied with their health care. That could mean up to 250 million people are happy. So why is it that we need Obama’s big-bang health-care overhaul in the first place?

There’s more. According the U.S. Census Bureau, we don’t have 47 million folks who are truly uninsured. When you take college kids plus those earning $75,000 or more who chose not to sign up, that removes roughly 20 million people. Then take out about 10 million more who are not U.S. citizens, and 11 million who are eligible for SCHIP and Medicaid but have not signed up for some reason.

So that really leaves only 10 million to 15 million people who are truly long-term uninsured.

Yes, they need help. And yes, I would like to give it to them. But not with mandatory coverage, or new government-backed insurance plans, or massive tax increases. And certainly not with the Canadian-European-style nationalization that has always been the true goal of the Obama administration and congressional Democrats.

Instead, we can give the truly uninsured vouchers or debit cards that will allow for choice and coverage, and even health savings accounts for retirement wealth. According to expert Betsy McCaughey, instead of several trillion dollars and socialized medicine, this voucher approach would cost only about $25 billion a year.

But the Democratic agenda has never really been about just the uninsured. And it certainly hasn’t been about real cost-cutting or true market choice and competition. Nor has it been about tort/trial-lawyer reform. Instead, the Democratic agenda has always been a class-warfare, anti-business attack on private-sector doctors, hospitals, insurance firms, and drug companies. It’s all about control, knocking down their profits, and telling them what to do.

Because government planners know best, right?  Wrong. Absolutely wrong. "

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I have heard some of those numbers before, why isn't there more discussion about this? Why can't we agree on what the real problem is first before we run off and pass some legislation? I keep hearing politicians say "Americans want a public option" or "Americans want this healthcare plan" but I don't know anyone that agrees with that. Certainly nobody at work feels this way because we have a great insurance plan, which we would be taxed on under this bill to pay for other's coverage. Don't we already pay for those that don't pay by our increasing premiums? And now they want to make it even more expensive for us to give coverage to other people?

Well, I guess it's not exactly true that I don't know anyobody that agrees...I do have a friend who does not have insurance (because they can't afford it I guess) and doesn't get it from their job at a small business. Ironically they just bought a house and have been remodeling it for more than 6 months now. They sure have the money to buy a house and everything they need to remodel, but obviously don't have the money to buy health insurance. Go figure.

I'm sure people who don't pay for their own health insurance or who "can't afford it" would love a plan paid for by the "government." But nothing is actually paid for by the "government," it's paid for by you and me in taxes. For those of you who "can't afford" health insurance but do pay more than $40 a month for a cell phone, pay more than $30 for any kind of cable TV, pay more than $30 a month for internet access, eat out at resturants more than twice a month, pay more than $300 a month on a car loan, or have a loan for anything other than a house or car, SHAME ON YOU. You are part of the problem.

Debt sure seems fun when you spend the money, but paying back the debt really sucks, and that debt just for SS and medicare keeps looming out there on the horizon ready to crush us. Do we really need more social spending programs to add to the unfunded liabilities of the future?

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