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The Energy Tax: How They Voted on Cap & Trade

The National Energy Tax was muscled through the U.S. House by a vote of 219-212. There were 44 Democrats who decided to stand with their constituents and oppose Speaker Pelosi. There were also 8 Republicans, who voted to kill jobs & enact the largest tax increases and most far-reaching centralized (dictatorship) control over every aspect of American life.

Republicans voting yes: 

Congressman Mary Bono, California 202-225-5330
Congressman Mike Castle,Delaware 202-225-4165
Congressman Mark Kirk Illinois 202-225-4835
Congressman Frank Lobiondo New Jersey 202-225-6572
Congressman Leonard Lance New Jersey 202-225-5361
Congressman John McHugh New York 202-225-4611
Congressman Dave Reichert Washington State 202-225-7761
Congressman Chris Smith Trenton New Jersey 202-225-3765

Do not be discouraged. The good news is that people are now paying attention. Our mission must be to prepare for the next stage of this fight in the U.S. Senate.  Pamela Geller at AtlasShrugs reports that both James Inhofe and Harry Reid predict the legislation is dead in the Senate. 

Starting today, it's time to recruit as many people as we possibly can to join our side. This is about our jobs. This is about our economy. This is about our future. And this is about our willingness and courage to stand up to over-reaching politicians and the machine that they are trying to run in Washington, DC.

The lines have been drawn in the sand, and we have a lot of work to do. We must begin today.

If you want to know where your representatives stand, please look below.
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