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Creation of DHS/ICE created Chaos in Mexico

In 2003 when U.S. Customs Office of Investigation and the INS were merged and transferred into the Department of Homeland Stupidity and the Bureau of Immigration and Customs Enforcement (BICE)  was created.

The shit began to hit the fan in Mexico after 2005 when experienced Customs agents were taken out of their money laundering groups and sent to meat packing plants around the country round up a few hundred undocumented aliens.  BICE was changed to ICE. It seemed a kinder and gentler way, frozen water, recreational drugs and the Intercontinental Commodities Exchange be damned, for the feds to label their interior immigration enforcement arm.

The drug lords in Mexico used to spend most of their time dealing with U.S. Customs agents fighting the war on drugs.  When ICE agents stopped being in  the drug enforcement/money laundering business, to chase illegals working at Pilgrims Pride twice a year, the cartels began to fight each other over turf and control of the billion dollar illegal narcotics smuggling business from Mexico into the United States. 
The cartels money was no longer being seized by Customs, and was now available to fund the fight between rival Mexican drug cartels. Arms flowed freely into Mexico from the U.S. because Customs agents previously assigned to arms smuggling groups were now apprehending & processing "guats" at Iowa Kosher meat processing plants.

Fast forward to yesterday

(CNN) Coordinated attacks in at least eight Mexican cities killed three federal police officers and two soldiers Saturday in what officials are calling an unprecedented onslaught by drug gangs.

Another 18 federal officers were wounded, the state-run Notimex news agency reported, citing federal police official Rodolfo Cruz Lopez.

The attacks were in retribution for the capture early Saturday of Arnoldo Rueda Medina, a high-ranking member of the drug cartel known as La Familia Michoacana (The Michoacan Family), Notimex reported.

Rueda is considered second in command to the group's two top leaders, Nazario "El Chayo" Moreno González and José " El Chango" de Jesús Méndez Vargas, acting as a "right arm" to Moreno, the secretary of public security said Saturday in a statement.

Among other allegations, he was arrested for his role in designing the hierarchy of the organization, the production of synthetic drugs and movement of marijuana and cocaine to the United States, said Mexico's secretary of public security. Rueda was arrested along with a 17-year-old male who worked for him.

Following his arrest Saturday morning in Morelia, Michoacan, men armed with high-powered rifles and grenades attacked the police station where he was being held, the Secretary of Public Security said.

After failing to win his freedom, members of the group launched attacks in the cities of Morelia, Zitacuaro, Zamora, Lazaro Cardenas, Apatzingan, La Piedad and Huetamo in Michoacan state, Notimex news said, citing federal police.

The three officers were killed in Zitacuaro, police official Eduardo Moran told CNN en Español, while six police officers were reported wounded in Morelia.

Two soldiers were killed in Zamora, shot by men in a passing car as they walked to their headquarters. The Secretary of Public Security told the newspaper Cambio de Michoacan that 25 spent shells from an R-15 rifle and 17 from an AK-47 were found at the scene.

Michoacan is in west-central Mexico, on the Pacific coast.

Another rifle and grenade attack took place near Acapulco in Guerrero state, which borders Michoacan, but no one was injured.

Saturday's attacks came just days after a drug gang in Tijuana declared they were at war with police, threatening to kill five officers every week until Police Chief Julian Leyzaola resigns.

The threat was made in a note found on the windshield of a slain officer's car, news reports said.

At least three Tijuana officers have been killed since Monday, reports said. Leyzaola, a former army colonel, replaced a police chief removed from office in December after receiving numerous threats.

"Leyzaola has become the poster boy for honest police work, which has put the drug gangs on notice," Vicente Calderon, a reporter for the Tijuana Press news agency, told CNN affiliate KUSI.

"They believe he is serious, that he means business and is trying to re-establish the rule of law that has been affecting the city and whole state for many years since organized crime established themselves in Baja [California]."

Tijuana, the westernmost city in Mexico, is across the border from San Diego, California. Sixteen police officers have died there in 2009, and officers are now patrolling the city in groups of six, KUSI reported.

The federal government in the United States is out of touch and out of control. The creation of the Department of Homeland Security did more to hurt our nation than help itWe are a nation that has allowed our elected officials to destroy our freedom, our economy and our Constitution. NOTHING good has happened at DHS.  ICE has done nothing to slow illegal immigration. More illegals have self deported since December 2007 than ICE has arrested since its founding in 2003.

Today, ICE agents are not even allowed to arrest the illegals working in the meat packing plants and other businesses across America. Prez ObamaHood has ordered a freeze on interior immigration enforcement pending the passing of amnesty legislation. ICE agents now sit around the office pretending to audit I/9 forms. In other words, they do nothing and collect $100,000+ a year salaries with the best retirement benefits in the country. Mean while the drug war in Mexico is out of control and more illegal drugs come into the U.S. than ever before.

Wake up America. Elected officials and Bureaucrats are giving all of us the finger. Our nation and our neighbors to the south are much worse off today, than we were prior to 9/11/2001.
The time has come to hold our elected representatives and our bureaucrats responsible for their actions.  Mid Term elections will be our next big chance. EVERY SINGLE INCUMBENT needs to be voted out of office. The time has come to start over again.

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