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Cowboys Stadium is AWESOME

At  6 p.m. yesterday there were 82,252 fans sitting in the seats, standing on the ramps and drinking $8 cervezas in the end zone "standing room only" concourses of the new Cowboys Stadium.  The crowd attended the first sporting event held at the stadium to cheer Team Mexico in a CONCACAG Gold Cup quarter finals futbol game.  Mexico defeated Haiti 4-0. 

Cowboys Stadium has broad concourses, marble amenities and plenty of room in both end zones for "standing room only seats" and pregame partying.  But by far the biggest star of the largest doomed stadium on planet earth, is the SCREEN.

The largest HD television screen on planet earth demands your attention as soon as you enter the seating areas. The SCREEN will remain the center of your attention for the entire day.  The SCREEN measures 180 feet long and 50 feet tall and is 1080p HD. You may have a 52 inch HD screen at home. Imagine the same quality picture displayed on a 180x 50 FOOT screen!

Cowboys Stadium is built for the video age.  The SCREEN gives a constant simulcast of the game, with replays.  There are smaller 48 foot wide 1080p HD Mitsubishi screens mounted at the end of the big board for the end zone fans.  There are HD TVs scattered throughout the stadium concourses. There's a Sony HD above every concessions line so you won't miss the action. 

The stadium's Cowboy's Club level seats feature full service bars and are just below the prime suites. I sat in section C113. Jerry Jones suite is just above section C111 on the 50 yard line.  There are 21 rows of seats in the exclusive Club section. The stadium is oblong but you will not be allowed to pass through the club level without a ticket in that section.  Of course, you can go to a higher section and walk around the entire air conditioned stadium.

I counted 10 levels, including suites and seating sections from floor to retracting roof.  Ticket holders enter at street level which is about the middle of the stadium.  The upper most concourse is higher than you can imagine. The vantage point is staggeringly high but you won't miss a play due to the HUGE SCREEN.  You may want to bring an oxygen tank and binoculars.

The Cowboys plan to sell standing-room tickets on the end zone concourses when the 70,000 seats are sold out.  Jerry Jones has built party areas on almost all the levels.  The end zone ramps are designed to hold standing spectators, as are the areas behind the 3 levels of end zone seats.

Cowboys Stadium is not without problems. The concessions lines were long and painfully slow. This was a problem in the first match when there were less than 40,000 in attendance.  Plan to stand in concession lines for at least 30 minutes when the stadium is at capacity. Beer was $8, bottled water was $3 but you couldn't have the bottle. Concession stands actually poured the water into plastic cups, which had no lids. Food prices can change by the event or even the minute as the signs are all electronic.  There is ZERO public transportation to the stadium and parking starts at $25 a car.  

Finally, for you trivia buffs, the first goal or point scored in the new Cowboys Stadium took place 3 minutes into the Costa Rica vs Guadalope CONCACAF Gold Cup game.  Costa Rica's Celso Borges awesome bicycled,  over the head kick scored the first goal at the north east end of the stadium. You can see The Rangers Ballpark through the windows behind that end zone. 

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